Superheroes: our theme this term.

This term we are looking at the story of a Bible Superhero called Joseph (the one with the colorful coat not Mary’s husband/Jesus’ father on earth)


This Sunday we looked at something every superhero needs – a back story. Joseph’s family was not a happy one – his family members fought, cheated each other, lied and didn’t always do what God wanted.

Many people today have families that look different to the typical Mum, Dad and two kids family. Some of us have parents that don’t get along, siblings that are mean or family members we don’t get to see as much as we’d like. Sometimes we don’t like our families. But this Sunday we learnt that none of those things hold us back from being a superhero for God.


Life is never perfect but we can always make good decisions. Talk to people you can trust to support you and spend time with God every day. Everybody can be a superhero for God.


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Lily gets pie faced 

This week in our last session in our Faith, fun friends program, Sera Lene got to pie face a leader if her choice. She chose Lily. Now every kidzone leader has been pie faced!

You can also watch the video on our youtube channel Click here!

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Warrick gets Pie-Faced!

As well as leading Kidzone every Sunday, Warrick also works at a school teaching Bible in schools programs and supporting students who need a little help. As part of one of those programs, a kid won the opportunity to pie face him.


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As part of our program looking at our three values “Faith, Fun, Friends” we started exploring fun this Sunday.

We started off by playing one of Warrick’s wacky game creations – speed noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe)

speed noughts and crosses faith fun friends nov 2017

This game was really fun, but it had rules to make sure it was safe and that we played it properly. All games need rules and the same is true in life.


One of God’s jobs is to be a rule maker – like the ten commandments. But these rules aren’t there to stop us having fun, they are there to keep us safe and show us the right way to live. Breaking the rules can be fun for a little while but it often hurts us or other people and never lasts.

click here to check out a video of you guys playing by the rules on our youtube channel 

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Faith is heartfelt trust in God

Today in Kidzone we read Mark 5:25-31 which tells the story of a woman who was healed from 12 years of bleeding by touching Jesus’ robe.


Her faith was so big that she believed she only had to touch Jesus’s clothes to be healed and she was.

We remembered this story by playing octopus tag and “Who touched you?”

How can you show big faith in God this week?

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Exploring our values: Faith 

Faith. Its a funny thing. We know it’s important but what does it really mean? 

Faith is one of our values in Kidzone, something we think is really important. In Hebrews 11:6 the Bible tells us that it is impossible to please God without faith.

Faith is trust in God, belief that he is good and will do as he promised. Faith is an essential ingredient in our relationship with God.

images (3).jpg

We used the analogy of bottle rockets. Bottle rockets need an essential ingredient to bring them to life


Faith is the vital ingredient in our relationship with God. It gives us the pep and fizz that brings Grace to life for us.


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We’re getting a new logo and we think that’s cause to celebrate! Come Join us for an afternoon of fun and games!

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Only a sharp arrow gets the job done

Today in Kidzone we continued to investigate the idea of the arrowhead – the part of the arrow that needs to be sharp so the arrow can do its job.

We tried to cut tomatoes with cool looking but blunt swords and found out just how hard it is to use something that has gone dull and lost its edge.


A more everyday example is pencils. When pencils are blunt they don’t do their job like they should. When we let our efforts to follow God get dull – by missing church, not reading our bible or forgetting to pray – we are not as effective or able to achieve good things.


That’s why it’s so important to be encouraged and supported, and the best place for this is at church.

Let us not give up meeting together. Some are in the habit of doing this. Instead, let us encourage one another with words of hope – Hebrews 10:25

Check out a video of Warrick using an arrow effectively by clicking the link below

Click here for the video!

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16 children came to church to play games, watch a movie, sleep over and eat pancakes before joining us in Kidzone.

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An attitude of gratitude: the fletching on our arrow.

Today we looked at a new part of the arrow – the fletching. The fletching of an arrow is the feathers or plastic vanes on the end of an arrow’s shaft that help to guide it and keep it straight on its path towards the target.


If we are to keep on target towards what God has planned for us we need to have a good attitude. We tried to hit the target with the lawn bowls balls but their bias – their uneven weight- made them roll away from where we aimed them. Arrows who aren’t properly designed go away from the mark too.


Our attitudes can steer us away or towards the target. If we are selfish and greedy our heart will be led to the wrong things whereas an attitude of gratefulness and forgiveness can help us get through hard times.


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Our power comes from connection. 

Today we continued on with our theme of being arrows in God’s hands. We looked at the part of the arrow called the nock, the part that connects to the bow.

Until the arrow is connected to the bowstring it is practically powerless. The power comes from connection.

The same is true with us and God. Our power to do things for God comes from connection with God.

A branch that is cut away from the main tree it can’t bear fruit, it has no power of life in it.

God has great things planned for us to do, but we need to stay connected to him to achieve those things.

To stay connected with God we can

  • Read our bible everyday
  • Pray before bed
  • Come to church every week
  • Listen to worship music
  • Take some quiet time to listen to God

Warrick would really love you to email him and tell him how you connect with God through the week at

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What labels do we wear? – Having a strong identity in God.

Last Sunday we further explored the part of the arrow called the shaft

images (11)

The shaft needs to be strong, straight and narrow if the arrow is to work properly. A weak or shaky arrow won’t hit the target. In a similar way we need to have a strong identity in God if we are going to do what he has planned for us.

Our planes made of good strong and sturdy paper flew far whereas the ones made of tissue paper failed to even get over the line.

When we believe we are too young/stupid/scared/little/poor/naughty to do anything these beliefs hold us back. God doesn’t want to hold you back. He wants you to know how much he loves you. unnamed (1)

When we know who God says we are we can do awesome things. Like inviting a friend to Kidzone or to our sleepover. 😁😊☺

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Don’t be a wet noodle!

We looked at the parts of an arrow today, specifically the shaft, the long part of the arrow. We compared what happens when you have a weak shaft (cooked spaghetti) vs a strong and straight shaft.

The shaft of our arrow is like our identity in God. If that is strong we can stay the course and boldly follow God’s plan for our lives.

Sometimes the world tries to undermine our identity in God by telling us we are too small, young, silly to achieve anything. But God knows us better. We need to know what he says about us.

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Holiday programme: day 3 and 4

Wow, time’s flown by so quick I didn’t get to finish the blog post for Thursday! So here’s a quick run down of what we did on our last days of holiday program.

This week we have been learning about Jesus being the same yesterday, today and forever. But what is Jesus like and how can we get to know him?

On day 3 we learned that God is always reliable and dependable. We can get to know and trust Jesus through prayer, singing in worship, coming to church and reading the Bible.

Today we looked at the concept that Jesus is the good shepherd, helping us when we are lost or stuck in a bad situation. Life can get scary sometimes so it’s good to know Jesus is looking out for us and that he will help if we ask.

We heard from lots of people, particularly parents who said you guys had a great time which was wonderful to hear. We loved having you all and hope to see you again when Kidzone starts again

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Children are like arrows (Psalm 127:4) 

This term and next term our theme is based on Psalm 127:4

Today we learnt that children are destined to go further, beyond our own ideas of what we are capable of, even beyond what our parents have done.

We heard the story of Gideon and how even though he thought he was nothing God called him a mighty warrior and helped him free the whole nation of Israel

Sometimes you can feel like a loser, like you aren’t old enough/smart enough/strong enough to achieve anything. God doesn’t think that and he knows better than anybody. You can do amazing things


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A message from Romania

Big thanks to all of you who came early on Sunday to talk to Warrick, he really enjoyed catching up with all of you. I hope you said nice things about the way Kidzone was going!


We learned that fidget spinners only cost $1 in Romania, what Romanian money looks like, saw Warrick’s very blue bathroom and found out why Warrick likes Romania so much (someone came to his apartment building and gave free Coke to everyone who lives there!)

Warrick will be back soon, his plane touches down Monday 6th of June (Queen’s Birthday weekend) so I hope you’ll all come to Kidzone this week to make him a welcome home card/sign/banner.

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Highs and Lows

How high does God’s love go? All the way to the heavens, further than a helium balloon disappearing into the sky.

But more exciting than that is how low God’s came to save us. All the way from heaven to earth. As a little baby to a poor family to die a criminal’s death on the cross. That’s how low God’s love came for you.

So while it was fun to jump around, trying to get those balloons to the ceiling the lesson is we can’t work our way up to God. So he came down to us.

Sometimes we feel low. But no matter what you feel, where you are or how much stuff you have or don’t have, God’s love can reach you.

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Make a connection


Without a connection with Jesus there is no power to live for Jesus – Our Power comes from our connection

This term as we discover the power of connection we are be building rockets, making slime and having water fights.

Come be part of the fun


Jesus is the best friend

Friend acrostic

Jesus is the best best friend. One of the ways to measure how good a friend is, is to look at how they treat us and the kind of things they do as our friend. It shows how much we mean to them and how much they want to be with us.

On Sunday we raced through the acrostic above and discover that Jesus really is the best of best friends.

HE FORGAVE US – Jump over to our instagram account to see not just how shocked TJ was but what it’s like when our best friend forgives us.

We discovered with the dice race that he wants to RECONCILED US (brings us back together with him

HE INTERCEDES (prayers for us – stands up for us speaks to God the father on our behalf

Just like when we were able to lift up the strip of paper with our breath, we discovered how Jesus lifts us up and ENCOURAGES US

As the best best friend we found that he promised he would NEVER LEAVE US

front-combined And just like the sister debating with her brother about who had the most money. We know that Jesus is the best friend that is always DEPENDABLE FOR US




Jesus came to where Zacchaeus was in the tree and said come down from there I must stay with you today. Luke 19:5

Jesus didn’t care what the other people thought about Zacchaeus. He wanted to be with him just like he wants to be with each of us.

But just like us, Zacchaeus had a choice. He could just stay in the tree and watch Jesus from a far, hoping to see something exciting and be entertained. Or he could come down from the tree and actually be with Jesus

Don’t just get stuck up in a tree just watching – Come and be with Jesus



Hidden in the Kidzone calendar is this terms theme – Twenty Card clicks for the first person to find it. Text or email me when you think you know.term calandergiveaway-eats

New term New Adventure

Last Sunday we jumped into a whole new term and another great new adventure. However this terms adventure comes WITH a warning

If we really come on board WITH this terms adventure we will never be the same again.

lets go for a walk

On Sunday we went
Image result for Back in time
to check out
gods master plan
and we discovered that most of all that God said
i want to be with you
You and me were created to
walk with God
And if we want our life to change forever we just need to decide
i want to be with him

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