Our power comes from connection. 

Today we continued on with our theme of being arrows in God’s hands. We looked at the part of the arrow called the nock, the part that connects to the bow.

Until the arrow is connected to the bowstring it is practically powerless. The power comes from connection.

The same is true with us and God. Our power to do things for God comes from connection with God.

A branch that is cut away from the main tree it can’t bear fruit, it has no power of life in it.

God has great things planned for us to do, but we need to stay connected to him to achieve those things.

To stay connected with God we can

  • Read our bible everyday
  • Pray before bed
  • Come to church every week
  • Listen to worship music
  • Take some quiet time to listen to God

Warrick would really love you to email him and tell him how you connect with God through the week at warrick@firstchurchpapakura.org.nz

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What labels do we wear? – Having a strong identity in God.

Last Sunday we further explored the part of the arrow called the shaft

images (11)

The shaft needs to be strong, straight and narrow if the arrow is to work properly. A weak or shaky arrow won’t hit the target. In a similar way we need to have a strong identity in God if we are going to do what he has planned for us.

Our planes made of good strong and sturdy paper flew far whereas the ones made of tissue paper failed to even get over the line.

When we believe we are too young/stupid/scared/little/poor/naughty to do anything these beliefs hold us back. God doesn’t want to hold you back. He wants you to know how much he loves you. unnamed (1)

When we know who God says we are we can do awesome things. Like inviting a friend to Kidzone or to our sleepover. 😁😊☺

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Don’t be a wet noodle!

We looked at the parts of an arrow today, specifically the shaft, the long part of the arrow. We compared what happens when you have a weak shaft (cooked spaghetti) vs a strong and straight shaft.

The shaft of our arrow is like our identity in God. If that is strong we can stay the course and boldly follow God’s plan for our lives.

Sometimes the world tries to undermine our identity in God by telling us we are too small, young, silly to achieve anything. But God knows us better. We need to know what he says about us.

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Holiday programme: day 3 and 4

Wow, time’s flown by so quick I didn’t get to finish the blog post for Thursday! So here’s a quick run down of what we did on our last days of holiday program.

This week we have been learning about Jesus being the same yesterday, today and forever. But what is Jesus like and how can we get to know him?

On day 3 we learned that God is always reliable and dependable. We can get to know and trust Jesus through prayer, singing in worship, coming to church and reading the Bible.

Today we looked at the concept that Jesus is the good shepherd, helping us when we are lost or stuck in a bad situation. Life can get scary sometimes so it’s good to know Jesus is looking out for us and that he will help if we ask.

We heard from lots of people, particularly parents who said you guys had a great time which was wonderful to hear. We loved having you all and hope to see you again when Kidzone starts again

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Children are like arrows (Psalm 127:4) 

This term and next term our theme is based on Psalm 127:4

Today we learnt that children are destined to go further, beyond our own ideas of what we are capable of, even beyond what our parents have done.

We heard the story of Gideon and how even though he thought he was nothing God called him a mighty warrior and helped him free the whole nation of Israel

Sometimes you can feel like a loser, like you aren’t old enough/smart enough/strong enough to achieve anything. God doesn’t think that and he knows better than anybody. You can do amazing things


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A message from Romania

Big thanks to all of you who came early on Sunday to talk to Warrick, he really enjoyed catching up with all of you. I hope you said nice things about the way Kidzone was going!


We learned that fidget spinners only cost $1 in Romania, what Romanian money looks like, saw Warrick’s very blue bathroom and found out why Warrick likes Romania so much (someone came to his apartment building and gave free Coke to everyone who lives there!)

Warrick will be back soon, his plane touches down Monday 6th of June (Queen’s Birthday weekend) so I hope you’ll all come to Kidzone this week to make him a welcome home card/sign/banner.

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Highs and Lows

How high does God’s love go? All the way to the heavens, further than a helium balloon disappearing into the sky.

But more exciting than that is how low God’s came to save us. All the way from heaven to earth. As a little baby to a poor family to die a criminal’s death on the cross. That’s how low God’s love came for you.

So while it was fun to jump around, trying to get those balloons to the ceiling the lesson is we can’t work our way up to God. So he came down to us.

Sometimes we feel low. But no matter what you feel, where you are or how much stuff you have or don’t have, God’s love can reach you.

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Fun at Gravity 

When we arrived Gravity got a lot more crowded.

Once we were given instructions we took to the trampolines 

It was lots of fun but really tiring. It hit some of us harder than others

But at the end of the day it was a ton of fun!

Holiday programme day 2

Another action packed day today. We played new games, sang new songs and learned something new about Jesus. 

We learned that if we want to know what Jesus is like, we can pray, read the bible, hang out with other people who know him and talk about him. There are lots of ways to know Jesus better but the easiest way is to spend time talking to him, just like we did in people bingo 

Holiday Program: Day 1

Great first day at our July 2017 holiday program. We broke off into teams, played some running around games, had fun looking at our leaders baby photos and topped it all off with to the park!


But we did all of that for a good reason even beyond just having fun. To understand that God never changes. We live in a world of change. New technology is coming out every day, everybody is growing up and going out to do new things.


God has always been good and will always be good. God loves you and will always love you. God is the same now and forever.

People change. Our leaders used to be cherub-cheeked babies who loved Thomas the tank engine and eating dirt (or was that just me?) but now they’re adults and teenagers who like Netflix and Snapchat. People grow up and get smarter, kinder and better at things but God doesn’t need to grow up. God is perfect and always will be.

Pushing our limits

images (2)

The world places limitations on us all the time through laws like stopping at the traffic lights and paying for things at shops to the rules our parents and teachers give us like not talking when they are or eating dinner before dessert. These limitations keep us safe and healthy and are good for us.

But not all limitations the world puts on us are good. Sometimes we are told that because we are young we can’t make a difference. Sometimes we are pressured by friends not to do things we know are right because they aren’t “cool”. These limitations can hold us back from achieving everything God has made us to do.

When we rely on God, like David and Gideon did, we can overcome these limitations of being “too small” or “too young” and do amazing things like showing the world God’s love or growing our faith.

We played a fun game to remember our memory verse and better understand the idea of pushing our limits by stretching the limits of our cheeks in a speed round of “fluffy bunnies”


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