Last Sunday we got a step further into our verse for the term, Ephesians 3: 17-19 and talked about the power God gives us to understand his love.


God is spirit not physical. Jesus was physical for a time to show us God’s spiritual nature. We need the power of God’s spirit to understand the things of  God. We can try comparing it to our power, our idea of physical love but God’s love is so much bigger and better. Like the power of your breath through straws verses the power the electric hair dryers had when racing those ping pong balls.

Nobody on earth can love you like God loves you. God’s love is like a foreign language to those who don’t know him but through his power we can understand it picmix-com_4802748

If you don’t understand Romanian, the language they speak in the country Warrick is travelling to, this makes no sense to you. You could name the letters, maybe even figure out the book of the Bible but the words mean nothing. But when its written like this…

You can understand it because you’ve been given the power to understand this language, from your parents and teachers. We need that same help from God to understand his language of love.


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