What labels do we wear? – Having a strong identity in God.

Last Sunday we further explored the part of the arrow called the shaft

images (11)

The shaft needs to be strong, straight and narrow if the arrow is to work properly. A weak or shaky arrow won’t hit the target. In a similar way we need to have a strong identity in God if we are going to do what he has planned for us.

Our planes made of good strong and sturdy paper flew far whereas the ones made of tissue paper failed to even get over the line.

When we believe we are too young/stupid/scared/little/poor/naughty to do anything these beliefs hold us back. God doesn’t want to hold you back. He wants you to know how much he loves you. unnamed (1)

When we know who God says we are we can do awesome things. Like inviting a friend to Kidzone or to our sleepover. 😁😊☺

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