Our power comes from connection. 

Today we continued on with our theme of being arrows in God’s hands. We looked at the part of the arrow called the nock, the part that connects to the bow.

Until the arrow is connected to the bowstring it is practically powerless. The power comes from connection.

The same is true with us and God. Our power to do things for God comes from connection with God.

A branch that is cut away from the main tree it can’t bear fruit, it has no power of life in it.

God has great things planned for us to do, but we need to stay connected to him to achieve those things.

To stay connected with God we can

  • Read our bible everyday
  • Pray before bed
  • Come to church every week
  • Listen to worship music
  • Take some quiet time to listen to God

Warrick would really love you to email him and tell him how you connect with God through the week at warrick@firstchurchpapakura.org.nz

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